If you are interested in riding a bike or scooter like me, you might like the Navee N65 electric scooter I introduced today. This e-scooter had been crowdfunded successfully in Xiaomi Youpin and raised more than USD500,000 finally. 

Maybe you will ask what it is like? And is it worth buying? Now follow me,  let’s review it together.

In my mind, for electric scooters, always been considered as one of best means of short distance transportation. Personally, I prefer to ride an electric scooter, because I can feel freedom and agility when riding. When I’m riding, I always think that I am the prettiest guy on this road.

The installation of the electric scooter is very simple. Take off the four white fixed plastics buckles. You don’t even need a knife to cut the tape on the outer box. It’s really easy to open the box. Packed together with the electric scooter, we also have a charger, a screwdriver, a wrench and other accessories.

Now let me show you the design of the double-rotation folding system. There are two rotary switches on this electric scooter, one is used to fix the stem, another is used to fix the handlebar. Push the knob, turn it clockwise about 45° to open it, and pull up the stem straightly , next , rotate back and when you hear a click, the installation is complete. Isn’t it very simple? Similarly, the knob of the handlebar is also pressed against the convex point and turned clockwise, and the installation is complete when you hear the click.

The height is 122cm, the width is 119cm, and the length of the handlebar is 51cm; The weight is a little heavy for me, about 23kg. For men, it’s also a little strenuous; 

With design of bigger battery pack and energy recovery, making the range of N65 up to 65km, I did ride for a week after charging it, although I didn’t ride it every day, but I’m really satisfied with the range. No worry if it has power even putting it in your car, because you know it has power in your mind, and it has indeed.

N65 has a powerful heart—rated power of 500watt brushless motor, especially in the 3rd speed, the climbing performance is quite powerful. There is no difficult to cross the bridge. When I ride it and cross the bridge, I don’t feel lost to the car near me. To cross the bridge, I use 3rd speed, and very easy. While for this uphill, I used 2nd speed, also very easy to cross over. According to official data, the climbing performance of N65 is 25%, much better than other normal electric scooters. Here I need to mention that the fastest speed in the 3rd speed is 32 km/h, the 2nd speed is 25 km/h, and the 1st speed is 15 km/h.

This tire is 10” off-road pneumatic tire. The width of the tire reaches to 3”. The performance of trafficability and shock absorption are quite good. The tire has inner and outer tires, and the outer tire is also thickened. Therefore, the shock absorption effect is much better and safer. 

I also did a riding test on the gravel road, it is very uneven, with potholes, but the overall feeling of trafficability and vibration are acceptable , I think it mainly thanks to the big tires.

The brakes system contains front E-ABS electric brake and rear ventilated disc brake, which make me safer when riding. The maximum loading capacity of N65 is 120kg due to it’s strong frame. The pedal is also very big among all the electric scooters I’ve seen. The width is about 17cm, which makes a bigger space to step on, and on the pedal, there is a silicone foot pads, does it look quite non-slip when you step on it? When you riding, you are no longer worry about the placement of your feet because it is very large, stable and comfortable, as safety is the most important thing.

The big screen displays voltage, kilometers, battery power, real-time speed…etc. You can also press the set button to change speed.

The front headlight is bright when it’s on at night. The design is also quite simple.

Though N65 has lots of advantages, but it still has disadvantages, that is, the weight is too heavy, which is quite difficult to carry for a girl. Anyway, in order to keep the range to 65km, so have to make compromise on the weight, it is understandable. And consider about the issue from another perspective, more heavy means more stable, isn’t it?

The overall feeling is that the electric scooter is full of materials and can be felt from the weight, all in order to improve the experience of riding. I grew up in a small town and can experience the feeling of riding at home. In fact, riding an electric scooter is also a way to relax, I feel like he is standing next to me like a friend, with a strong sense of companionship.

Last but not least, please obey the traffic rules and ride safely. I wish you all a happy day.

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