Innovative Electric Scooter NAVEE S65 Wins 2023 Red Dot Design Award, Leading the Future of Micro-mobility

Recently, the NAVEE S65 electric scooter stood out in the Red Dot Design Awards, winning this top prize in the design industry with its excellent innovative design and outstanding performance. As a globally renowned design competition, the Red Dot Design Award aims to honor products that excel in functionality, innovation, and aesthetics.

The NAVEE S65 electric scooter was developed by Tantu Innovation Intelligent Technology Company, with their goal being to provide users with a more convenient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. During the design process, the team focused on various factors such as ergonomics, industrial design, and material science to create a perfect product that meets users’ needs.

The electric scooter is unique and features avant-garde engineering design and high-quality user experience, winning unanimous praise from both the industry and consumers. The S65 is equipped with a peak 1000w high-power geared motor, which delivers excellent acceleration performance while outputting a maximum torque of 40Nm, easily handling various slopes. The front and rear double-arm suspension can effectively absorb road vibrations, greatly enhancing the riding comfort. It also offers a maximum range of 65 kilometers, eliminating range anxiety and frequent charging issues. The 10-inch vacuum self-repairing tires provide excellent passability, comfort, and safety.

The Red Dot Design Award-winning S65 electric scooter showcases its exceptional performance and comfort, undoubtedly setting a benchmark for contemporary transportation design. This product not only offers a new choice for urban commuting, but also highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation and environmental protection, as well as humanity’s exploration and innovative spirit in shaping the future of transportation. In the future, Tantu Innovation will continue to focus on providing users with more innovative and environmentally friendly transportation solutions, promoting the development of the short-distance transportation industry and the popularization of green travel.